Ie - The making of

Hello Everyone! People who know me, know my love for the ie (Romanian Traditional blouse). I wear them almost every concert. My next step in understanding the symbolism, importance and significance of the ie, is to make my own. With this blog I will keep everyone that’s interested posted on the making of.

Prima ie!

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This summer I had a lot of time to think about what I want to do and what I’m passionate about. In doing that, I came to realize that I should do something with my big love for the ie: the Romanian Traditional blouse. I love to wear them. For me a concert with Romanian music isn’t complete without one. At this moment I have a stunning wardrobe of 6 full costumes and several ie. But I didn’t know that behind each stitch, is a meaning. With each stitch her maker had something to say. Words of hope, of protection of strength. This way the ie would protect her wearer.

I loved the idea of protection and help. So I went to do some research on the internet. The further along, the more enthusiastic I became. And the idea grew: how cool would it be to make my own ie? With symbolism specially chosen for me. Symbolism that suits me. The use of colors that suit me. And with huge respect for traditon.

To share my enthusiasm, I posted my plans on Facebook and immediate got really sweet reactions. One of my friends helped me a lot and pointed out some groups and Facebook pages that are passionate about making ie. These women and men helpend me a lot with choosing the pattern and colors. I worked out the patterns and this is my first step in making my ie. I’ll keep you posted!